Print Job Overview

Before printing can begin, you must prepare a 3D model in 3D Sprint, slice the file, and send the file to the Controller either over your network or via USB. When in the 3D Sprint Software, you can click the help icon new.png icon, or press F1, for full software instructions.

Below are some guidelines for submitting/building a job on the Modular system:

  1. Do not power the Printer off during printing. The print job will be aborted and cannot be restarted.
  2. Do not untension the resin tray during printing. Lack of tension will degrade print quality and can cause failed builds.
  3. Do not attempt to defeat any of the safety switches in the Modular system, as discussed earlier in this manual.
  4. Do not open the lower-print-chamber door during printing unless you are replacing an empty cartridge. Although the Printer will not abort the job if you open this door, optical radiation is present in the lower print chamber during printing.
  5. Do not leave anything, such as tools or other supplies, in the machine during printing. These items could impede the motion of the print engine. They could also get material drips on them, which may be difficult to remove.
  6. For the Printer to accept a print job, the following conditions must be met:
    1. A print platform must be present on the elevator arms.
    2. A resin tray must be installed and tensioned.
    3. The material level in the resin tray must be at the minimum level the machine allows
    4. A catch tray must be installed.
    5. A material cartridge must be installed.
    6. The upper-build-chamber door must be closed.
    7. The printer must be marked as ready on the Printer local display.