Install Print Platforms

Always wear 100% nitrile gloves when handling the print Platform.

CAUTION: Do not leave upper-build-chamber door open for an extended time. Leaving this open will allow light to cure the material inside the resin tray and will also allow dust/contaminants in.


In between builds, the Printer will prompt you to install a new, clean print platform. This section describes how to properly install a print platform.

  1. If there is a platform with a part on it currently in the machine: remove it, wearing nitrile gloves, according to the section Remove Print Platform in the Post-Processing Guide. Hold a drip tray underneath the part to catch any material dripping off the part.
  1. Verify the platform has been properly cleaned and is not visibly warped. A properly cleaned print platform will not have any residual print material or contaminants of any kind present. Special attention should be paid to the print surface (1), and elevator guides (2).
  2. Also make sure the elevator is at its upper limit, or offload, position before installing the platform. The elevator should have moved to this position after the previous job. If it did not, cease printing and restart the printer. If the issue persists, contact 3D Systems Service.
  1. Install the print platform onto the elevator arms, convex side down, as seen at the right. The triangular groove on each print-platform elevator guide lines up with the cone-shaped pin on each elevator arm. Ensure the print platform is fully seated and level. Magnets will secure the platform in position. If you feel there is an issue with how the print platform is sitting on the elevator arms, and you have already verified the platform's flatness, do not print on the printer. Contact 3D Systems Service.
Triangular grooves
  1. Close the upper-build-chamber door. On the local display of the Printer, mark the unit as "ready" by tapping the active-checkbox.jpg  icon.