Load Material Cartridges

Each Printer has an MDM (Material Delivery Module) that takes a 2.5kg (84.5 fl-oz.) cartridge of Figure 4 material. Please see the section Material Delivery Module (MDM) for more-detailed information on the MDM configuration. This section describes how to properly load a material cartridge into the MDM. Your 3D Systems Field-Service Engineer will have loaded your MDM upon machine installation. After this, the machine will alert you when a cartridge is near empty, and then empty. You will use the following procedure to replace any material cartridges that become empty.

Cartridge Handling Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines when handling Figure 4 Modular material cartridges:

  1. Do not touch the cartridge chip, as it is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. do-not-touch.jpg
  1. Always tighten the vent cap completely when the cartridge is outside of the machine. This will prevent accidental seepage of material in your storage area and during cartridge rolling. Do not loosen the vent cap for ventilation until after installing it in the printer.
  1. Always keep the rubber cap securely over the cartridge valve when the cartridge is outside the machine. This will prevent material from curing on the cartridge valve. Be sure to remove this cap before inserting into printer, as in the procedure Replace Empty Cartridge.
  1. Store your material cartridges upright, if possible, in the included cartridge stand. If you must store your cartridges on their sides, ensure that the caps are at the 12-o'clock position relative to the ground.


  1. Do not insert a cartridge if the MCO Kit is not correctly installed in the MDM. This should only be an issue when performing a Material Changeover. Installing the cartridge without the MCO Kit in place can cause damage to the cartridge-chip reader.