Light Stack Errors/Alarms

The Figure 4 Modular system has stack lights on each Printer, with each light indicating a different state of the machine. The chart below is a brief overview of what each color/state of the light stack indicates. Please see the section Error Message Glossary for explanations of specific errors and their indication on the light stack.

Solid Red

The print did not complete correctly due to aborting or failure. The unit needs immediate attention.

There is a machine error, usually one that is preventing the printer from printing. The unit needs immediate attention. See Printer GUI for specific instructions.    
Solid Yellow

The printer is waiting for user input to “mark as ready”

There is a minor warning, or minor action that the operator must complete. See Printer GUI for specific instructions.    
Solid Green The Printer is currently printing.   green-light-stack.jpg
The most-recent print job has completed successfully.    
Only occurs after tapping the Locate button for that Printer on the Controller   print-finished.gif