Fill Resin Tray from Empty

Before beginning this procedure, ensure that:

  1. A cartridge with resin inside is installed.
  2. A clean catch tray is installed and fully seated.
  3. A clean resin tray is installed and tensioned.
  4. The orange, upper-build-chamber door is fully closed.
  5. The printer is not printing, booting up, or doing a material changeover.
  6. The red cap is removed from the resin-delivery tube and placed in its holder.

Please follow the steps below to fill the resin tray from empty.

  1. If you completed items 1-5 above, the MDM will begin pumping resin into the resin tray. Observe this process to ensure that resin does not fill over the MAX line.

    NOTE: The resin fill rate depends on the viscosity of the resin. Thin resins will fill the tray up quicker than thick resins do. Be patient, as some resins may take several minutes to begin flowing into the tray, and then more time to fill it up.

CAUTION: If resin continues to flow over the MAX indication on the resin tray, hit the front power switch or open the top, orange door to stop resin flow. Contact 3D Systems Service, as a sensor could be malfunctioning.


  1. You will see the Mark as ready screen on the local GUI of the Printer. The printer will not be able to print until it has finished filling up the resin tray; but you can mark the printer as "ready" at any time during the fill.

Your resin tray is now full and ready for printing!




Dosing During Printing

If you have a particularly large build that uses a lot of resin, you may notice the printer pumping more resin into the tray during printing. The resin tray will not fill to the maximum fill level, but will rather pump smaller doses of resin into the tray, as needed, until the build finishes. Once you have removed your build and replaced the print platform, the printer will fill the resin tray back up to its maximum fill level.