Install Resin Tray

If you have not read the Resin Tray Guidelines, please read them before handling the resin tray.

Each Printer comes with one resin tray. This section will demonstrate how to properly install the resin tray and tension it. This section assumes that your 3D Systems installer has already installed your first resin tray; and you are replacing it with another.

  1. Disable the Printer so that it will not receive any new jobs until you re-enable it. On the Printer, tap the gui-power-btn.jpg button on the touch screen. This will change the unit from "ready to print" to "mark as ready," as in the screens below.
  1. It is recommended to only add/remove tension with the upper-build-chamber door closed. To untension the resin tray, open the lower-chamber door and push the tension toggle button.

Personal Injury Warning: Failure to avoid the pneumatic tension arms may result in personal injury. Avoid the tension arm areas at all times. ALWAYS CLOSE THE PRINTER DOOR BEFORE APPLYING/REMOVING TENSION.





  1. Wearing 100% nitrile gloves, open the upper-chamber door and remove the old resin tray. If the tray has material inside, it is best to remove it with a drip tray underneath.
  1. Carefully lower the new resin tray into place, concave side up, as seen at the right. It should fit snugly in the holder on the chassis. Ensure that the tray is fully seated and level inside the chassis.
  1. Close the upper-chamber door and push the tension toggle button. Look at both tension arms and ensure that they are engaged. If they do not engage, please see the Hardware Troubleshooting section.


  1. Close the lower-chamber door and enable the Printer. Ensure that a print platform is installed and, on the Printer, tap the active-checkbox.jpg icon on the touch screen. This will change the unit from "mark as ready" to "ready to print," as in the screens below.

  1. The new resin tray is now ready to be filled with material. As the resin tray will begin filling with material as soon as all safety switches are satisfied, please ensure that the red cap on the material-delivery tube is removed and placed in its holder. Please see the section Fill Resin Tray with Material for more information.