Printer Firmware Update

Updating the Printer firmware cannot be done independently of upgrading the Controller firmware. New Controller firmware must be installed before new Printer firmware can be installed. If you are currently printing, you can schedule the firmware installation to happen after your current build is complete. Please take the steps below to update your Printer firmware.

  1. Upon completing the Controller firmware installation, the Controller should have restarted and prompted you to reopen the Update Manager. On the Update Manager screen, you will see listed on the right each Printer connected to your Controller. Tap the Schedule button next to a unit.
  1. In the popup window, take note of the following settings and schedule your update(s) accordingly.
    1. Tap this radio button to schedule the update for the next time the Printer is idle, regardless of print jobs assigned to it in the printer queue.
    2. Tap this radio button to schedule the update for only after the Printer has completed all print jobs assigned to it.
    3. Tap this checkbox to apply the current setting from a or b above to all Printers.
    4. Tap Cancel to back out of scheduling this update.
    5. Tap Schedule to confirm all settings and schedule the update.
  1. On the next popup, tap Continue or the local-gui-abort-btn.jpg to go back to the Update Manager main screen.
  1. You will notice that the status has changed next to the module you just scheduled for an update. You can tap the Schedule button again to edit any of the schedule settings.
  1. During the firmware update, you will not be able to use the Printer; and it will not be able to accept print jobs. You can see the update's installation progress displayed on the Update Manager screen, Status tab, and on the local display of the Printer. If the update has not started, ensure that the printer's local display is on the "Ready to Print" screen.


  1. Once the update has completed, tap the active-checkbox.jpg button on the Printer GUI to mark the unit as ready.