Controller Firmware Update

The process of obtaining the firmware-update file is different depending on whether you are doing USB upload or an update over network (not yet supported). This update file contains install files for both the Controller and Printer firmware. Regardless of the way in which the update file is loaded onto the machine, the rest of the process is the same.

USB File Upload

  1. Obtain the latest firmware file from the Software Downloads page. Ensure you are selecting the firmware download for the Controller, rather than for the Printer. Transfer the file to your USB drive, ensuring that the .wcu firmware file is the only file in the root folder of the USB drive.
  1. Insert your USB drive into a USB port on the Controller tabletop. The Controller will auto-detect the firmware file and show the screen at the right. Tap the Go To Update Manager button.
  2. You may choose not to install this update yet. Simply tap the X button to close the dialog window. When you are ready to perform the installation, either unplug/re-plug the USB or go to Settings > FW/SW Version and tap the Update Manager button.

Update Over Network

Feature not yet supported.

Update Via 3D Sprint

Feature not yet supported.

Update Manager

  1. The Update Manager will open and begin copying the install files from the USB.
  1. When the files are finished copying, tap the Install Update button.
  1. Tap the Update button on the confirmation screen.
  1. Once the update has finished installing, the Controller will need to restart. It will automatically do this; and there is not a way to back out of it. This will not affect any of your current builds, but will prevent the print queue from processing additional print jobs. It will also prevent you from operating the Controller during the update process. The whole update time period will vary depending on the file size of the update, and the installation time of that update.
restart controller.jpg
  1. When the Controller screen comes back up, you will see a confirmation screen that asks you to now upgrade the firmware on the Printers. Please tap the Update Manager button and go to the section Printer Firmware Update.