Printer Info Card


Name - This is the name that you assigned to the Printer. The default name is in the following format: Module.[last 4 digits of printer SN]

To change the name: tap the edit printer name.jpg icon at the right.


Firmware - This is the firmware version that is running on the Printer.

To view more information: tap the firmware info btn.jpg icon at the right.


IP Address - The IP address of the Printer

To change network settings for printer: tap the indiv printer network settings btn.jpg icon at the right. Please see the section Printer Network Settings for more information.

D Locate Printer Button - Tap this button to locate the Printer. Upon tapping the button, the light stack on top of the Printer starts blinking for one minute to assist in locating the unit. This can be very useful in an environment with many Printers.
E Delete - Tap this button to remove a Printer from the Controller.
F Enable Toggle - Tap this on-screen switch to toggle the Printer between the "enabled" and "disabled" states. If the unit is enabled, it will get assigned jobs from the print queue. If it is disabled, it will not get assigned jobs from the print queue. This toggle switch is disabled during printing. Please see the section Print Job Overview for more information.