Material Information

A Cartridge - Indicates how much material is left in the cartridge inside the MDM

Resin Tray - Indicates the current fill level of the resin tray. This is informational only.

Max - Indicates the maximum fill level allowed by the printer

Fill - Indicates the level to which the printer fills the resin tray before each build. In some cases, this will be equal to the Max level.

Min - If the material level in the resin tray becomes equal or less than this amount, the printer will not be able to print until more material is pumped. In most cases, the material level will only get under this amount if the current material cartridge is empty.

C Pump Status - The status can be: Idle, Moving CW, Stalled, and Unknown.
D Tube Material Presence - Indicates whether or not there is material in the MDM tubing just below the cartridge.