Material Card

A Material Type - The name of the resin used in the Printer. A Printer can only use one material type, due to resin flowing throughout the module. However, please see the section Material Changeover for information on how to change the resin type used in the Printer. You can also also tap the i-button.jpg button to see more information about the resin.
B Status - Indicates the state of the resin cartridge in the Printer. Please see the section Cartridge Statuses for more information.
C Color/Type - This field provides additional details about the resin that are not in the resin's name.
D Weight - Indicates the amount of resin remaining in the resin cartridge until it is empty
E Level - Indicates the percentage of total resin remaining in the cartridge
F Batch Date - The date that the resin was originally created in the factory
G Expiration Date - The date after which the resin is no longer guaranteed to print properly.
H Change Material Button - Tap this button to begin the Material Changeover process. Please see the section Material Changeover for more information.