Cartridge Statuses


There are several different statuses that your resin cartridge can have:

Active - A resin cartridge is present, has resin inside, and is usable by the printer.

Inactive - A resin cartridge is present and has resin inside, but that the printer is in a state where it cannot use the cartridge for printing, such as during a Material Changeover.

Missing - Either there is no cartridge in the MDM or the Cartridge Chip is not detected.

Near Empty - Less than 10% of the cartridge's contents remain. Be sure you have premixed a new cartridge to replace it.

Empty - The resin cartridge is empty.

Expired - The cartridge's expiration date has passed. Please use a new resin cartridge.

Invalid - The Cartridge Chip is either not authenticated or not supported on the printer. Contact 3D Systems Service.

Corrupt Data - The Cartridge Chip is not in the proper format. Contact 3D Systems Service.

HW Failure - The chip reader on the printer has an error. Contact 3D Systems Service.

Material Mismatch - The current cartridge's resin type does not match the resin type in the resin tubes and resin tray. The printer will not allow you to print with this cartridge installed. Please install a cartridge of the same resin type.