Printer - Expanded View

Tap a Printer's card to expand the parameters and information available to you. There are six card sections, as seen in the image below. If a card section is not expanded, simply tap the collapsed section to view it.


A Status Card - This card shows the same information as before you expanded it. Please see the section Status Screen for more information.
B Material Card - This card shows detailed information on the material cartridge currently installed in the Printer. Please see the section Material Card for more information.
C Build File Card - This card shows a print preview of the build file. Please see the section Build File Card for more information.
D Detailed Job Data Card - This card shows more-detailed information than the Status Card on the current, or most-recent, print job. Please see the section Detailed Job Data Card for more information.
E Printer Info Card - This card shows information about the Printer. Please see the section Printer Info Card for more information.
F Resin Tray Card - This card shows the status of the resin tray currently in the Printer. Please see the section Resin Tray Card for more information.