Fly-out Menu

The Fly-out Menu contains Printer information and options for display control. To open the Fly-out Menu, tap the menu button, as seen at the right. tap-flyout-menu-btn.jpg


A Collapse Menu Button - Tap this button to collapse the Fly-out Menu.
B Views - Tap the "small," "medium," or "large," button to change the size of Printer cards displayed on the Status Screen. Please see the section Adjust GUI Appearance for more information.
C Status Filters - Tap one of the filters to only display Printers with the selected status-filter parameter. The number in parentheses indicates how many printers share that same status.
D Printer Modules - Shows a list of Printers connected to your Figure 4 Modular system. Please see the section Printer Icons for the meanings of the different icons that might appear next to a unit's name.