Status Screen

When you power the system on, the touch screen will default to the Status screen. This screen shows the status of each Printer connected to your Controller. If you leave this screen, you can return by simply tapping the Status Tab near the top of the screen.

The image below shows the Status screen in Medium view. Please the section Adjust GUI Appearance for information on adjusting the size of items on the screen.


A Printer Name - This line identifies the Printer by the name you assigned it. The default name is in the format, "Module.[last 4 digits of printer SN]."
B Material Type - This line identifies the material type that is running in the Printer.
C Print Job Name - This line identifies the name of the current, or most-recent, print job sent to the Printer. After a build has been removed from a printer, and another build is not started, this text says, "No Active File."
D Time Left - This line indicates approximately how much time is left in the current print job.
E Progress Bar - This bar indicates the percent completion of the current print job.
F Printer Status - This line indicates the current status of the Printer. Please see the section Printer/Auxiliary Print Unit Statuses for more information.
G Abort Button - Tap this button to abort the current print job. Upon pressing this button, you will have to go through a confirmation popup before the job is actually aborted.