Active Print Jobs

Jobs in this section are those that are actively printing, completed, failed, or aborted, and have not been removed from the machine. Once a print job completes/fails/aborts, removing the print platform from the machine will move the job to the Completed Print Jobs section. A breakdown of the Active Print Jobs section is seen below.


A Active Print Jobs Button - Tap to expand/collapse the Active Print Jobs list.
B Module - The Printer that the job is printing on.
C Material - The material that was sent over with the build file from 3D Sprint
D Submitted - The date and time the job was submitted to the Controller
E Completion - The date and time the job is estimated to complete
F Left - The estimated time left in the print job
G Progress - This shows a progress bar and the percent-complete of the print job.
H Status - The status of the current print job. It could be Printing, Completed, Aborted or Failed.