The Figure 4 Modular is a flexible and efficient projector-based 3D Printing system that produces high-fidelity parts from a broad range of materials. The Figure 4 Modular system uses a projection radiation source and special membrane-based resin tray that enables very high print speeds and new material chemistries that provide production-grade properties. It is intended to be used as a three-dimensional output device to create (or to communicate design intent of) durable, end-use parts. Parts produced can be used in all phases of design, from a concept build to functional testing and end-use parts. The Figure 4 Modular system is ideal for 3D-printing applications where high throughput is desired or required, but where automation in printing and post-processing is not required or desired. The system uses all Figure 4 resins for a variety of applications.

The purpose of the Quick-Start Guide is to provide a quick overview of how to print a basic part on a Figure 4 Modular Printer. Please ensure that before you read this guide, you have also read through the following product documentation: