Important Safety Information

Safety Symbols and Definitions

HOT SURFACE HAZARD: Parts may be hot when handling. Avoid contact. Allow surface to cool before touching. 

HARMFUL IRRITANT WARNING: Indicates that skin or eye irritation could result while exposed to a chemical composition.

WARNING: Indicates the possibility of injury personnel

WEAR GLOVES: Wear the appropriate gloves when required. For example, when touching surfaces that may contain or have been exposed to resins, wear nitrile gloves. Heat gloves are necessary when touching surfaces that may be hot to ensure burns don’t occur.

    NOTE: A note signifies important information, but not information of a critical content.


    Eye protection: Indicated the need for eye protection.

First Aid and Personal Protective Equipment

The following paragraphs provide general first aid procedures and recommendations for protective equipment to minimize the risks from resin exposure. If professional medical attention is necessary, take the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the exact resin involved to the attending physician.  SDS sheets can be found here.

Skin Contact   

Wear 100% nitrile gloves and lab coats to avoid skin contact. Should resin come in contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and cold water and immediately remove contaminated clothing and shoes. If skin is irritated, seek medical attention. Dry-clean contaminated clothing. Discard contaminated shoes and leather products.

Eye Contact Safety_Glasses.png  

Safety goggles should be worn to prevent accidental splashes into the eyes. If resin comes in contact with the eye, flush immediately with large amounts of water for 15 minutes, avoid sunlight, fluorescent light, and other ultraviolet light, and obtain immediate medical attention. Eye wash facilities and a first aid kit should be readily available and close to the 3D printer system and post-processing lab.

Contact Lenses 

If resin splashes into the eye when contact lenses are worn, flush the eye with water immediately. Verify that flushing has removed the contact lens from the eye. Protect eyes from light and obtain immediate medical attention. Discard contact lenses that come into contact with liquid resin.

Fume Inhalation

Inhaling fumes from resin is irritating to the respiratory system. If a person should inhale fumes, bring the exposed person to fresh air. Perform CPR if required. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen and obtain immediate medical attention for the person.


Material Handling and Safety

For resin handling and safety, please refer to the SDS sheets and User Guide for further details.