Environmental Safety

The following are environmental issues concerning the Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350:

Pollution Degree

The pollution degree of the intended environment for this equipment is PD2 (Pollution Degree 2).


To allow optimum systems operation and optimum part quality, the temperature of the Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 location should remain stable. The working range is 18-28°C (64-82°F). Any temperature fluctuation greater than 3°C may adversely affect parts cured in the system. The air conditioning system should maintain a temperature change of less than 1°C per hour. The unit's room should have a minimum cooling capacity of 1.4 kW. We recommend an HVAC system that changes the air six times per hour. To avoid adversely affecting part quality, do not expose the Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 to direct air flow from the air conditioning system.

There are no special requirements for controlling waste heat on the Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350.

Humidity and Altitude

The optimal humidity in the Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 lab will depend to a certain degree on the resin selection. Regardless, the humidity should always be non-condensing and should not vary outside the range of 20% to 80% RH. Review your material information (SDS, Instructions for Use, and product labeling) for specific information on recommended humidity levels.

The Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 is capable of operating correctly up to an altitude of 2,400 m (7,874 ft) above mean sea level.

Sound Pressure

Overall sound-pressure level for this equipment will not exceed 85 dBA, and, therefore, does not require ear protection to operate.

Disposal of Figure 4 Resin and Waste

When you dispose of green parts, refer to the SDS for that material and follow any applicable government regulations. All waste products (resin-soaked paper towels, cleaning liquids, etc.) must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable government regulations. However, the recommendation is to cure all parts, even those from a failed build. Cured parts may be disposed of in regular trash, which is better for the environment.

Do not clean anything with uncured resin on it in a sink or tub that drains into normal wastewater.