Cleaning the Shelving Unit

The shelving unit must be cleaned if:

  • You notice a buildup of partially cured or fully cured resin on any component that could inhibit future part curing. In particular, if resin builds up on a glass plate, this could block the path of UV light to reach a green part.
  • You notice any foreign debris on the glass plates. Dust or other debris left on a plate could cure into future parts and be very difficult to remove.
  • You have performed several curing sessions without cleaning the shelving unit. Depending on the print materials you run, cured material may be hard to see. Thus it is necessary to clean these components on a regular basis, even if it appears there is no debris/material present.

CAUTION: Do NOT use glass cleaner to clean the glass plates.

WEAR 100% nitrile gloves whenever cleaning the shelving unit or glass plates.


  1. Spray IPA (isopropyl alcohol) on a nonabrasive cloth.
  1. On your part-finishing workbench, wipe down all metal components and all the glass plates with the IPA dampened cloth.
  1. Optionally, you can remove the glass plates from the shelving unit by removing the side screws with an M2.5 Allen wrench. Then, over your part-cleaning tub, spray each glass plate with IPA on both sides. Wipe the plate down with a nonabrasive cloth until dry.

NOTE: If there is cured resin stuck to the glass, you may have to soak the plate in IPA to loosen it up.

  1. Either let the shelving unit out to air dry, or dry it with compressed air, before inserting it back in the UV Curing Unit 350.

Your shelving unit is clean and ready for reuse!