Changing Out the Carbon Filter

You must replace the carbon filter on the back of the UV Curing Unit 350 every time you change out the lamps. This is to ensure proper handling of odors from the curing process.

  1. Power down the machine and unplug it.
  1. Loosen all four thumb screws on the filter bracket. It will be easiest to do this in the order shown at the right.
  1. When loosening the last two thumb screws, hold the bracket against the machine with your other hand to prevent it from falling.
  1. Once the bracket is removed, there is nothing holding the filter in place. You may now remove it.
  1. Install your new carbon filter, ensuring that it is oriented in the machine such that the airflow arrow points out of the machine.
  1. When reinstalling the filter bracket, it is easiest to grab it by the top two thumb screws and line up the screws on the top two holes on the UV Curing Unit 350. Secure these screws first, and then screw in the bottom two.

Your new carbon filter is ready to use!