Inside the Unit

Inside Top 


A Recirculation Fans - Regulate the temperature inside the UV-curing chamber.
B Lid-Closed Sensors - Engaged when the unit's lid is closed, these sensors will cut off the UV lamps in the chamber when the lid is open.
C Lamp-Time Indicator - This displays the total time that the UV lamps have been on.
D Curing Chamber - The process chamber where UV post-curing takes place.


Curing Chamber


Removable Print-Platform Holder - When curing a part directly on the print platform, use this holder to secure the platform in place in the machine. Please see the section Cure Your Printed Parts for more information.

B UV Lamps - There are four lamps on each side of the curing chamber (16 total), which drive the post-curing of printed parts. Please see the section Install the UV Lamps for more information.

Platform Locating Pins - Line up with triangular grooves of the Figure 4 print platform to help secure the platform in the machine


Catch Tray - Catches printed parts that may be dropped in the machine, and has a handle for easy removal from the machine.

Curing chamber with Print-Platform Holder uninstalled. See item A, above.