The following sections give an overview of components for the Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350.

A Lid - Opens for access to the UV curing chamber
B Power Button - Turns the machine off/on, as long as the I/O switch on the back of the unit is in the I position. Please see the section Back of the Unit for more information.
C UV Indicator - Lights up whenever UV lamps are on
D Handle - Grab the lid by this handle to open and close the lid safely
E Start Button - Press this button to start UV curing after setting the timer on the Timer Panel
F Timer Panel - Contains digital timer and timer-control buttons
G Curing Chamber Exterior - Most curing-chamber components reside within the frame in this area.
H Casters - The curing unit can be moved about your facility via these casters. It also features two lockable casters to keep the unit in place.