Power on UV Curing Unit 350

Your 3D Systems installer should have plugged in your machine and powered it on. This section describes the process to follow in case the machine has become unplugged/switched off. 

CAUTION: Safety relies upon the connection to protective earth via the connection with the power cord to the appliance inlet (Figure 1, below).

CAUTION: Do not replace the power cord with any cord other than that which is supplied by 3D Systems for this machine.

  1. Ensure the I/O Switch is in the O position, and then ensure the power cord is plugged in.


  1. Put the I/O Switch into the I position.
  1. Push the power button on the front of the machine.
  2. You will notice that the power button lights up and the Timer Panel turns on. If this does not happen, check your power connections. If the problem persists, contact 3D Systems Service.

Your UV Curing Unit 350 is now powered on!