Unpacking the UV Curing Unit 350

This section demonstrates the correct steps to take to unpack your curing unit.

CAUTION: Save all of the packing materials, including the wooden crate, for future use. The provided packaging is the safest means of shipping or transporting your unit.

Inspect Exterior of Crate

Visually inspect the exterior of the crate for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. Notify 3D Systems Service immediately if any damage is evident at this point. DO NOT proceed with the uncrating until you have discussed the damage with 3D Systems.

Uncrate the Unit

  1. Cut and remove the packing straps that hold down the outer carton.
  2. Lift and remove the outer carton from the pallet.
  1. Remove the foam insert and desiccant pack (circled) from the top of the curing unit.
  1. Remove the plastic wrap, being careful not to let the wooden ramp (1) and accessories box (2) fall.

CAUTION: The accessories box contains UV lamps that, while contained in protective packaging, are fragile.

  1. Remove the wooden ramp (1) and accessories box (2) from the pallet, and place them off to the side.
  1. Remove the anti-static film from the curing unit.

NOTE: Leave the blue tape (1) around the lid. The blue tape will prevent the lid from opening while the curing unit is moved into position.

  1. Use a 5 mm Allen wrench to remove the upper-two screws from each of the two pallet mounting brackets.
  1. Use a 14 mm open-end wrench to remove the bottom-two bolts from each of the two pallet mounting brackets. You can now remove each mounting bracket from the pallet.


  1. The pallet has a hole in the middle beam protruding from one side, as seen below. The ramp has a bolt sticking down that fits into this hole. Place the bolt in the hole and lower the ramp down until the top of the ramp is fully seated and fairly level with the top of the pallet. Due to differences in wood and potential warping, you may not get a perfectly flush transition between the pallet and the ramp.


  1. Turn the casters as shown, aligning the wheels with the grooves in the pallet.
  1. Roll the curing unit down the ramp. Make sure to hold the curing unit upright, as it is somewhat top-heavy.
  1. Move the curing unit to the location where you intend to stage it. Remove the blue tape from around the lid.
  1. Examine the items in the unit and in the box of lamps, ensuring that all items seen on the Accessories list are included with your shipment. There is an identical list included with the Welcome Letter inside the machine's packaging. If any of your items is missing, stop unpacking/installing and contact 3D Systems Service.