Shipment Arrival

Once 3D Systems has uncrated the Figure 4 Modular system, you will note that it comes with the following:

  • Controller - Your system will come with one controller as part of the Base Unit.
  • Printer + any Auxiliary Print Units ordered - Your system will come with one Printer as part of the Base Unit. It consists of one print engine and one integrated MDM (Material Delivery Module). Additional Auxiliary Print Units (up to 23) may be purchased and networked together to expand this setup.
  • Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 and/or NextDent LC-3DPrint Box - You should have ordered one or more of either UV-curing unit, depending on the sizes of your parts and expected throughput. Please see the sections Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 and NextDent LC-3DPrint Box for more information.
  • Resin Tray - The print platform dips into the resin tray during part building. The Modular system comes with one resin tray per Printer ordered. Additional resin trays may be ordered.
  • Print Platform - The platform off of which the part is built. The Modular system comes with five print platforms per Printer ordered. Additional print platforms may be ordered.
  • Carbon filter - For the exhaust vent on top of the Printer. The Modular system comes with one filter per Printer ordered. It will come in a plastic wrapper and your 3D Systems installer will insert it in the Printer.
  • Power Cords - Country specific. The system comes with a separate power cord for the Controller, each Printer, and each UV-curing unit ordered.
  • Resin-Tray Kit - Each Printer comes with one kit, which includes: Resin-Tray Garage, Catch Tray (installed in printer), Part-Cleaning Brush, Wire Brush, Resin Mixer, Punch Tool, Platform Scraper, and Platform-Cleaning Fixture
  • Bottle Stands - The bottom of the resin bottle has three protruding features which prevent the bottle from standing up by itself. The bottle stand accommodates these features to allow the bottle to stand upright for storage. Each Printer comes with two stands.
  • Network cable - Each Printer comes with one 3m (10ft) Ethernet cable.

Bottles of resin may be purchased separately, and should arrive before, or along with, your Modular system shipment.

Once your shipment arrives, first inspect the crates for any physical damage. Then, after inspection, receive the crates.

Inspect Exterior of Printer System and Components

Visually inspect the exterior of the printer system and any other components ordered for any damage incurred during shipping. Your 3D Systems certified installer will also inspect the Modular system and components for damage.