Site Selection - Figure 4 Modular Base Unit

This section provides the requirements and recommendations to determine the most appropriate location for a highly functional, efficient Figure 4 Modular workspace, with room for other equipment and supplies. After narrowing the list of possible locations, consider each requirement carefully before making a decision about your final placement site.

Space Requirements

User preferences, building codes, and equipment configuration help you to define the total floor area that your Figure 4 Modular will need. The Figure 4 system should be located in its own environmentally controlled room. It is recommended to also locate your post-processing equipment in the same room as the Printers.

NOTE: Due to optical radiation safety requirements, the Printers should be located where access to the room can be avoided during service calls.

Optimal Site Layout - Top View

The image below represents the layout of a Modular system with one Controller and three Printers. You may choose to have up to 23 additional Auxiliary Print Units installed to every one Controller. Ultrasonic cleaner, UV curing ovens, and resin-storage cabinet are not included with the Base Unit shipment. They must all be ordered separately. Please see the sections LC-3DPrint Box and UV Curing Unit 350 to determine which UV curing oven is best for your needs.

Please note that both the Controller and Printer should be positioned at least 48.3 cm (19 in) from the wall to allow for Service panel access.

*Dimensions for part cleaner are based on a popular consumer ultrasonic cleaner






NOTE: The height of your system may vary depending on your external ventilation requirements. The image below shows measurements without third-party ventilation attached.