Figure 4 Modular

The Figure 4 Modular is a flexible and efficient projector-based 3D-printing system that produces high-fidelity parts from a broad range of plastics and composites. The Figure 4 Modular uses a digital-projection light source in its print engine, along with a special membrane-based resin tray that enables very high print speeds and new material chemistries that provide production-grade properties. Applications include end-use durable plastic parts, replacement of urethane casting process, jigs and fixtures, molds and master patterns, disposable and production tooling, functional prototypes, casting patterns, seals, hearing aids, and jewelry patterns. The printing system is also modular, meaning that Auxiliary Print Units may be added to the system to accept jobs from the same print queue. Up to 23 Figure 4 Modular Auxiliary Print Units may be connected to one Figure 4 Modular Base Unit, which includes one Controller and one Printer.

The Figure 4 Modular Base Unit is only one component of the complete system. Many accessories and other components make up a Figure 4 Modular facility.