Printer Diagnostics

Printer Diagnostics allows the user to test certain functions of the printer to either confirm their operation or diagnose certain issues. Running these diagnostics can help both you and 3D Systems in determining the cause of potential issues with the printer. The following sections describe the different functions of Printer Diagnostics. You can enter this mode whenever the printer is powered on and in idle mode (not printing).

Open Printer Diagnostics

  Printer Message Translation
Press the power button twice to enter the "Printer Diag" screen. printer-diag.jpg

Printer Diagnostics
Hold button to continue


In this dialog, you can access the following diagnostics and sub-diagnostics:

  1. Motor Diagnostics
    1. Elevator Diagnostics
    2. Tilt Motor Diagnostics
  2. Barcode Scan Diagnostics
  3. Projector Diagnostics