NextDent Print Materials

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FabPro Print-Material Bottles NextDent Print Material Bottles


The table below lists the NextDent print materials that are currently supported on the FabPro 1000 printer, as well as the properties of cured parts printed with these materials. Please note that not all properties in the table below apply to every material.


NOTE: All materials come in 1kg bottles.


Material Property NextDent® SG NextDent® Model NextDent® Model 2.0 NextDent® Ortho Rigid
Description Biocompatible Class I material, developed for the printing of Surgical Guides for implant surgery use High-precision dental model prints High degree of accuracy, making this material suitable for detailed master prosthodontic and orthodontic models where high precision is needed Biocompatible Class IIa material developed for digital manufacturing of splints
Color Translucent Orange Beige Various Transparent Blue
Layer Thickness 50 microns, 100 microns 50 microns 50 microns 100 microns
Vertical Build Speed 11 mm/hr 11 mm/hr 9 mm/hr (White), 11 mm/hr (Peach) 20 mm/hr
Flexural Strength >80 MPa (11,603 psi) > 40 MPa (5,801 psi)   78 MPa (11,313 psi)
Flexural Modulus >2000MPa (290 ksi) > 1000 MPa (145 ksi) ≥ 1500 MPa (218 ksi) 2075 MPa (301 ksi)
Brookfield Viscosity at 23ºC 1.1-1.6 Pa·s 1.0 – 1.5 Pa·s    
Maximum Stress Intensity Factor       1.1 MPa m^1/2
Total Fracture Work       262 J/m²
Shore Hardness     84D