Unpacking the Printer

NOTE: These instructions are only for unpacking the printer you are obtaining for the first time. For instructions on unpacking a printer obtained via advanced exchange, please see the section Unpacking Exchanged Printer.


Your printer will ship in a cardboard box with foam packaging, atop a wooden pallet.

CAUTION: Ensure that you SAVE the pallet, all cardboard, all foam and all other packing material in case you need to repack your printer. Shipping the printer without original packing materials may cause damage to the printer.

NOTE: Please see the section Repackaging the printer for repacking instructions.


  1. Remove plastic, packing belts, and packing tape using a razor. Open top of package (1)



  1. Observe the contents in the top of the box:
    1. Documents in the box
    2. Finishing kit
    3. Power cord (country specific)
  2. Remove the documents and the power supply and set them aside.
  1. Remove the finishing kit and open it up. Inspect the contents against the items listed below. Ensure that all items are accounted for in their expected quantities.
    1. Rinse Tank 1 - contains diagonal cutting pliers, nitrile gloves, and resin mixer
    2. Rinse Tank 2 - contains power brick and rinse bottle
    3. Bottle of FabPro™ Proto GRY material with Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    4. Print Platforms (x2)
    5. Platform Scraper
    6. Glass Print Base
    7. Print Tray Storage - contains Print Tray
    8. Paper Towels
  1. Open four box clips along bottom of box. You do not have to remove them.
  1. Remove box from around printer, leaving just the base cardboard and foam packaging.
  1. Inspect the printer for any damages. If you observe any damages, cease unpacking and contact your authorized print-material provider immediately. If the printer does not have any damage, proceed to Step 8.
  1. Team-lift printer off pallet and move it to its staging area.



  1. Remove plastic packaging and Silica gel packing insert (circled).
  1. Open printer door. Remove foam from underneath the tilt tray.
  1. Connect power cord and adapter together and connect to printer. Plug adapter into wall outlet.
  2. If you wish to send jobs to the printer over a network, connect the Ethernet cable to the printer. WiFi connection to the printer is not available.

CAUTION: Printer weighs 37.5kg (82.7 lbs). Please be careful, and use proper lifting techniques, as well as the help of another person, to avoid injury.

CAUTION: Do not install the printer near direct sunlight or other strong UV source. If the print material is exposed to direct sunlight, the material will begin to cure. Standard fluorescent lamps with clear plastic diffusers are recommended to minimize ultraviolet exposure. Sunlight, quartz-halogen lamps, and high-intensity incandescent lamps are not suitable. UV filters are available for windows and exposed fluorescent lamps.

CAUTION: Install the printer on a sturdy, level surface. Do not install it in a place where it will straddle table/counter/desk seams. If at all possible, install in a ground-floor room with a concrete base. Do not install over or near carpeted areas or other porous surfaces such as hardwood. These precautions exist to maintain the integrity of your 3D-printed builds and for safety in the event of a material spill.