Print Tray Life Span

The film in the bottom of the print tray will wear out over time, even if it is not specifically damaged. When this happens, the film cannot be replaced by itself; the whole tray must be replaced. In 3D Systems testing, the expected life of the print tray has been determined to be whichever of these events comes first:

40 print jobs


3 kgs of material have been printed in the tray.


The tray has been continuously in the printer, locked down with tension on the membrane, for four months.

Tips to Give the Print Tray the Longest Possible Life

  1. If you are printing a lot of the same (or similar) parts, do NOT place them in the same area of the print platform in 3D Sprint multiple times in a row. Place the part in a different spot each time you print it.
  2. Do not nick the print tray film when using the Resin Mixer.
  3. If you will not be using the print tray for some time, remove it from the machine and store it it in the included print-tray storage container.