Contents of Finishing Kit

Item Qty Image
Rinse Tanks and Lids - These containers are used for cleaning build parts of uncured material.  2 each


Putty Knife - Used to remove build parts from the print platform 1 putty-knife.jpg
Scrapers - Used to scrape any residual cured material off the print-tray film 3 scraper v2.jpg
Tweezers - Used to remove supporting architecture off of printed parts 1 tweezers.jpg
Flush Cutters - Used to cut supports off the printed part 1 flush-cutters.jpg
Rinse Bottle - 500mL - used to store the recommended solvents used in part cleaning. Also used to squirt solvent onto a printed part or printer component. 1 rinsing-bottle.jpg
Nitrile Gloves - Large - used to protect hands from uncured liquid print material and cleaning solvents. 30 pairs bag-of-gloves.jpg
Paper Towels - used to help clean printed parts and printer components. Also used to prevent and clean material spills. 100 paper-towels.jpg
Resin Mixer - used to mix the liquid print material while in the print tray 1 mixing-comb-10162017.jpg
Part-Cleaning Brush - to brush dust-like debris off the printed part 1 part-cleaning-brush.jpg