Setting Up Your Printer

The following items and accessories are contained in the printer package.

Printer miicraft-small.jpg
Print Tray - This contains the print material during part building. It has a transparent membrane at the bottom of it that allows UV radiation to shine through and cure the print material. print-tray.png
Storage Tray for Print Tray - Used to cover a print tray that contains material, so as to protect it from UV light exposure print-tray-storage-pro.jpg
Print Platform - The 3D-printed part adheres to the print platform during building print-platform.jpg
Catch Tray - Prevents material spills from entering the lower build chamber catch-tray.jpg
Glass Print Base - This transparent plate sits under the print tray to keep tension across the membrane at the bottom of the print tray. glass-print-base-pro.jpg
Ethernet Cable rj45-cable.jpg
Power Supply power-supply-pro.jpg
FabPro™ Proto GRY Material (1kg) fabpro-proto.jpg