Service and Support

Should any questions or issues arise, please contact 3D Systems as listed below.

Customer Support Hotline

For issues not involving printer damage or replacement, please contact the Customer Support Hotline at one of the following numbers:

  • US and Canada: 888-598-1438
  • UK and EMEA: +44 1442 279883
  • International: +1 803-326-3930


Printer service procedures must only be performed by 3D Systems or an authorized printer reseller, unless this guide explicitly states otherwise. If your 3D printer system needs service, contact your authorized print-material provider.

For safety data sheets of FabPro™ materials, go to

For safety data sheets of NextDent® materials, go to and click on a material. Scroll down until you see a link for the SDS, similar to this:

nextdent SDS link.jpg