Unpacking Advanced Exchanged Printer

If you are sending your printer back for advanced exchange, you will receive another printer in similar packaging to what you received the original machine in. Please follow the instructions in the section Unpacking the Printer to unbox your new printer.

CAUTION: You must retain all packaging from the replacement printer for reuse in repackaging your damaged printer. Your damaged printer cannot be sent back in packaging other than that which is provided with the replacement printer. Using other packaging risks further damage to the printer.

Inspect Exterior of Printer

After you have unpacked the printer, visually inspect the interior and exterior of it for any damage that might have incurred during shipping. Notify your authorized print-material provider immediately if anything is evident at this point. DO NOT proceed with the installation until you have discussed the damage with your authorized print-material provider.

Verify Printer Operation

Run a test print to verify that your replacement printer is functioning normally. Do so as seen in the Quick-Start Guide.