Repackaging Printer for Movement to Another Facility

The following instructions describe how to repackage your printer with its original packaging for movement to another facility. For instructions on repackaging the printer for advanced exchange, please see the section Repackaging Damaged Printer for Advanced Exchange.

NOTE: Use the images in this section to guide you in setting the orientation of the foam and cardboard when repackaging.


  1. Tape Silica-gel packet to side of printer and put original plastic cover over printer. With the help of another person, carefully team-lift and place the printer into the foam supports at the bottom of its original shipping box. Be sure that you are re-packing the printer on the same pallet that your replacement printer shipped on.
  1. Be sure that the packing base is still nailed to the pallet via the wood planks (1).
  2. Be sure that the packing foam is oriented as in the image at the right. There are two indents on the bottom of each piece of packing foam that fit over the wood planks.

    NOTE: If the packing base was detached from the pallet, please note the orientation of the wood planks on the pallet when reattaching it. They should be in-line with the wood planks in the packing base.

  3. The front of the printer should be facing the side of the packaging shown in the image at the right.
  1. Place the outer box (1) over the printer and base packaging.
  1. Place packing foam (2) over the printer in the orientation shown at right. One piece should go on the front of the printer and the other piece should go on the back of the printer.

CAUTION: Altering the orientation of the box and packing foam from what is seen in this guide could result in irreversible damage to the printer.

  1. Repack the finishing kit in the optimized orientation seen at the right. Please see the section Unpacking the Printer for information on which part each letter is referring to. Seal the finishing kit.
  1. Place packed finishing kit (a), along with with power cord box (c) and packed-in documents (b), in the orientation shown.
  1. Place the power cord inside the power-cord box (item "c," above).
  1. Seal the outer box with packing tape, packing belts, and plastic if desired. Loop the packing belts through the planks on the pallet.

Your New Printer Location

When determining the best place for your printer in your new location, please remember to follow the guidelines outlined in the Facility Requirements section of this guide.