Repackaging Damaged Printer for Advanced Exchange

After you have received your advanced-exchange printer, have set it up, and have verified its operation, you will pack up your damaged printer and send it back to your authorized print-material provider.

Items to Repack

If you are sending your printer to your authorized print-material provider for advanced exchange, please contact that provider to determine exactly what you need to package in with the printer for repair purposes. In general, you will only need to send back the printer itself. You will NOT send back any of the components which are routinely removed from the printer, including: print tray, print platform, glass print base, catch tray, power adapter/power cord, and Ethernet cable.

NOTE: Do not send any of the above-mentioned items back with your damaged printer unless specifically instructed to so do by your authorized print-material provider. Your replacement printer will be shipped without these items, as you are expected to retain these printer components. It is best to make a checklist to account for all retained items before packing the damaged printer in its box.