Repackaging the FabPro 1000

You will have to repackage your printer if:

  1. You are moving the printer to another facility. If you suspect that you will ever move the printer to another facility, you must retain all packing materials the printer came in, in order to repackage the printer and move it properly. Another facility, in this case, would be a separate building that is not within walking distance of the printer's current building.
  2. You are sending the printer back to 3D Systems for repairs. If this is the case, 3D Systems will send a replacement printer to you. When you receive the replacement printer, retain that replacement printer's packaging for reuse in packing up the damaged printer.

CAUTION: It is vital to follow these repackaging instructions whenever moving the printer to another location for any reason, or whenever sending the printer back to 3D Systems. Moving the printer without its protective packaging, or only following some of these instructions, risks damaging the printer and its components/accessories. 3D Systems is not responsible for printers that are damaged due to improper packaging.

Moving the Printer Within Your Building or In the Same Room

You may need to move the printer within your own building. If this is the case, you do not have to repackage it. However, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Follow the steps in the following section regarding the cleanliness of printer components.
  2. Use a pallet jack or a cart to roll the printer around your building if possible, rather than team-carrying it.
  3. Whenever moving the printer any distance, even if only across a table, never move it with resin inside.
  4. Keep in mind all the considerations from the Facility Requirements section of this manual when selecting a new space for your printer.