Stir the Material

Before printing with all materials, you must mix the material bottle on the NextDent® LC-3DMixer. Before printing again with those materials, you must stir the material in the print tray using the Resin Mixer, as seen in the next section. The chart below describes each compatible material's requirements for: bottle mixing time, stirring time in the print tray, and post-curing time. The curing time is included so the chart may be a quick reference guide for stirring and curing materials. Please read your material's label to be sure whether or not the material requires mixing and stirring.

If material has spilled or dripped down the print-material bottle, clean the bottle with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and paper towels. IPA will clean the material off without ruining the bottle label.

CAUTION: Your material bottle's QR code must be able to be scanned by the printer. Using another solvent besides IPA to clean the bottle risks damaging the QR code. If this happens, call your authorized print-material provider for further guidance.

WEAR 100% nitrile gloves whenever handling liquid FabPro/NextDent material and/or ipa.

Material Stirring and Curing Chart

CAUTION: Failure to sufficiently mix materials according to this chart may result in color deviation and/or print failure.


Name Bottle Mixing Time Required (LC-3DMixer) Stirring Time Required (in print tray) Curing Time in LC-3DPrint Box
  Before 1st use Before 2nd use In tray less than 3 hrs In tray more than 3 hrs  
NextDent® Surgical Guide 5 min. 5 min. no stirring required no stirring required 10 min.
NextDent® Model 2.5 hrs. 1 hr. 30 secs. 60 secs. 10 min.
NextDent® Model 2.0 2.5 hrs. 1 hrs. 30 secs. 60 secs. 10 min.
NextDent® Ortho Rigid 5 min. 5 min. 10 secs. 30 secs. 10 min.
FabPro™ Proto GRY 1 hr. 10 min. 30 secs. 30 secs. 60 min.
FabPro™ JewelCast GRN 1 hr. 10 min. 30 secs. 30 secs. 30 min.
FabPro™ Tough BLK n/a n/a 30 secs. 30 secs. 150 min.
FabPro™ Elastic BLK 1 hr. 10 min. 30 secs. 30 secs. 45 min.
FabPro™ Flexible BLK 1 hr. 10 min. 30 secs. 30 secs. 60 min.

NOTE: If your print-material bottle has been sitting unused for more than one month, treat it like a new bottle and mix it according to the "brand new bottle" column above.

NOTE: Instead of using the bottle mixer, you may opt to mix the material bottle by hand, shaking it vigorously in an up-and-down motion. Shake it for five minutes for a new material or for one you are treating as new (see above note). Shake the bottle for two minutes for a recently used bottle.  Please see the section Begin Your Print Job for more information. You MAY NOT hand-mix NextDent Model 2.0 material. This technique will not sufficiently mix the material.

NOTE: Ensure that you place the build in your UV curing oven in the same orientation it was printed in, as if the bottom of the oven is the print platform.