Print Tray Material Cross-Usage

You may clean the print tray with recommended solvent between builds, enabling you to use different materials in the same print tray (not at the same time). However, since residual elements of print material cannot be reliably fully removed from the print tray, there are only certain materials that may be swapped out per individual print tray. The chart below shows which materials can share the same print tray. Mark your print trays with letters, numbers, or other notations to help you remember which tray is which.

Tray 1

NextDent® Surgical Guide
NextDent® Model
NextDent® Ortho Rigid

Tray 2

NextDent® Model 2.0

Tray 3

FabPro™ Proto GRY

Tray 4

FabPro™ JewelCast GRN

Tray 5

FabPro™ Tough BLK

Tray 6

FabPro™ Elastic BLK

Tray 7

FabPro™ Flexible BLK