Begin Your Print Job

HARMFUL IRRITANT WARNING: Wear protective clothing, disposable nitrile gloves, and goggles while following these steps.

NOTE: Ensure that the elevator is at its upper-limit position before beginning this procedure.

CAUTION: If a leak/spill occurs inside the printer, do not run the machine. The projector's UV radiation will harden material on the glass print base and any other surface it touches, making it very hard to remove. A long cleaning swab and Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) will help clean up any spilled, uncured material.

NOTE: The printer will only hold one build file at a time in its memory. If you try to load another build file from 3D Sprint, it will overwrite the most-recent build file written to the machine. Once the printer begins printing, you will not be able to submit any print jobs via 3D Sprint or via USB.

Print via 3D Sprint

For instructions on preparing a build file in 3D Sprint, please open the 3D Sprint Help Menu by clicking the help icon new.png icon in 3D Sprint. Once you have sent the print job to the printer:

NOTE: If this is the first time you have used the printer, you will see a message on the printer screen asking you to activate your printer. In 3D Sprint, fill out your information and click Submit.



Printer Message


  1. Once you have sent the job to the printer, you will see the message at the right on the printer. Press the power button to continue.

Printer ready
[IP Address]

  1. You will see the screen at the right. Hold down the power button and the printer will look to see if a build file was sent to it.

Print job
Hold button to continue

  1. The printer will display the name of the file you sent from 3D Sprint. If the filename is longer than 20 characters, it will scroll across the screen to show you the complete name.
  2. Hold down the power button to confirm you want to print the file.

Hold button to continue

  1. The printer will verify the build file and then you will see the screen at the right. Retrieve the material bottle you wish to use for this print job.

Please scan
material cartridge

  1. Hold the bottle's QR code under the QR-code scanner. Wait until you see the message at the right before pulling the bottle away from the scanner. Please see the gray box below for other messages you might receive when scanning a material bottle.



Add material. Hold button
to continue


You must go through the QR code-scanning process before each print, even if you are using the same bottle as your last build. The printer will not begin a print job unless a QR code has been scanned. This is so that the system can detect certain conditions:

  Printer Message Translation
  1. If the system detects that the material bottle is empty, it will ask you to scan another bottle. You will see the message at the right.

Cartridge empty
Please scan another

  1. If the system detects that the material bottle you scanned does not match the material in the print-job data, it will ask you to scan another bottle. You will see the message at the right.

Incompatible material
Verify material type

  1. If the system detects that the material bottle you scanned is past its expiration date, you will see the message at the right appear for three seconds. You will, however, still be able to print with the expired material. If you decide NOT to print with expired material, you may abort the print process by pressing the power button. Hold down the power button to confirm print cancelation.

    CAUTION: If you use expired material of any kind, the integrity of the build might be compromised. 3D Systems is not responsible for failed builds or damage to equipment resulting from expired print-material use.

    CAUTION: If you are disposing of the expired print material, do so according to all local, state, and federal regulations. Be sure to also dispose of expired print material that remains in the print tray and catch tray in the same manner.


Warning material expired
Hold button to continue

  1. If the system detects an invalid QR code, you will see the message at the right. This could mean the QR code is damaged or did not scan properly.

Invalid barcode
Please try again

  1. Before pouring the material into the print tray, be sure you do the following:
    1. Shake the bottle vigorously in an up-and-down motion for 2-5 minutes (1) OR mix the material on the NextDent® LC-3DMixer (2). Which mixing method to use for a material, as well as how long it must be mixed, can be found in the material's Instructions for Use. If the best-possible uniformity in the part is desired, using the LC-3D Mixer is recommended.

      CAUTION: Failure to sufficiently mix materials before each build may result in color deviation and/or print failure.

    2. If you are using a different material than your previous build used, be sure that you follow the material changeover instructions in the section Change Material Type.

      CAUTION: Failure to properly switch materials will result in reduced reactivity of the new material, even when only very small amounts of different material(s) are mixed in. This will result in build failure and wasted material.

    3. If you are using the same material as in your previous build, be sure that the print platform and print tray are completely clean of debris (such as dust), partially cured material residue, and any other materials that are not the same as the material you are about to print with.

      CAUTION: Failure to clean the print tray and print platform of debris may affect the material's reactivity and the printed part's ability to adhere to the print platform.

shake-bottle v2.gif


  1. Pour material into the print tray. Use the steps etched in the side of the print tray as a guide, with the bottom step being the minimum fill amount and the top step being the maximum fill amount. It is best to make sure the material is filled to the middle limit before starting a build. Starting a build with only the minimum fill risks the printer running out of material during the build. Filling to the max level, or beyond, risks spilling material during a build and/or when removing the print tray. 3D Sprint will also provide an estimated material usage and recommended fill level in the tray.

NOTE: You may have enough material in the print tray from a previous pour. In this case, it is okay not to pour more material in the tray. Simply follow the instructions as if you did pour.

  1. Close printer door. Hold down the power button to begin your print job.


  Printer Message Translation
  1. Your print job will now begin. You will see a countdown timer on the printer screen. Printing times will vary depending on the scope of the build. The time format for the printing timer is HR:MM.

4H:10M remaining

  1. When the print job is complete, you will see the screen at the right. Please proceed to the section Post Processing.
print-complete-clear-platform.jpg Print complete
Clear platform