Print-Material Messages

These are the different messages that you may get when the material-bottle barcode is scanned successfully. For more information, please see the section Begin Your Print Job.

Printer Message Translation  

Add material. Hold button
to continue

This message occurs when the scanned material bottle is cleared for printing. If you do not see this message after scanning a material bottle, please refer to the section QR Code Scanning Messages for explanations of the different barcode messages.

Warning material expired
Hold button to continue

This message means that the scanned material is past the manufacturer's expiration date. In this case, it is recommended to discard the material bottle, and the remaining expired print material in the print tray, according to all local, state, and federal regulations. However, you may choose to continue printing with the expired material at your own risk.

CAUTION: 3D Systems is not responsible for poor print quality or for failed builds when expired print material of any kind is used.



Incompatible material
Verify material type

This error will occur when the scanned print-material type does not match the material sent to the printer in the build file.

Cartridge empty
Please scan another

This error will occur when the system detects that you have exceeded the number of pours contained in a material bottle. Please scan a new material bottle.