Power the Printer On/Off

Power the Printer On

Be sure the printer is plugged in and press the power button once.

Power the Printer Off 

Printer Message Translation  

Power down printer?
Hold button to continue

When the printer is idle, you may power it off by pressing the power button once. You will see the message at the right on the printer screen. Hold down the power button to confirm power off. When you wish to turn the printer on again, press the power button.

shutting-down.jpg Shutting down You will see this message when the printer is shutting down.

Idle Mode

Printer Message Translation  
3d-systems-initializing.jpg 3dsystems
You will see this screen when you first power the printer on.

Printer ready
[IP Address]

When the printer is in Idle Mode, you will see this message on the printer screen.


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