Motor Diagnostics

These are messages that may occur during operation of Motor Diagnostics.  For more information, please see the section Motor Diagnostics and its subsections.

Printer Message Translation  

Elevator Diagnostic
Hold button to continue

This message occurs during Motor Diag when you hold down the power button upon first entering the diagnostic.

Tilt Motor Diagnostic
Hold button to continue

This message occurs when you press the power button while on the Elevator Diag screen.

Moving elevator
Hold to abort

This message occurs when the printer's elevator is moving during Elevator Diagnostics.

Moving tilt motor

This message occurs when the printer's tilt motor is moving during Tilt Motor Diagnostics.

Diagnostic complete
Elevator error

This message occurs when the elevator does not hit its upper and lower limits during testing. Press the power button to clear the error.
elevator-diag-complete.jpg Diag complete
This message occurs when the Elevator Diagnostic completes successfully.
diag-complete-V2.jpg Diagnostic complete This message occurs when the Tilt Motor Diagnostic completes, whether successfully or not.