Inspect All Cables and Connections

  1. Ensure that the power cable and the power adapter are in good shape. If the cable is damaged and/or any wiring is exposed, cease use of the printer and order a new cable or adapter.
  2. Ensure the Ethernet cable is in good shape and that it still connects tightly on the network port of both the printer and your computer. If this cable is damaged and/or wiring is exposed, cease use of printer and order a new cable.
  1. Inspect any visible wires inside the printer. If any of the wiring is damaged, contact your authorized print-material provider. The printer will have to be sent back to 3D Systems for repair.
internal-wiring-1.png projector-wiring.png
Visible wiring in back of build chamber Visible wiring in bottom of build chamber, taken through view box.
  1. Inspect the areas around all wired connections for dust collection and other debris. Keeping these areas clean will prevent static hazards and damage to the printer.