Cleaning the Printer

The internal parts of the build chamber can be wiped clean with recommended solvent and a soft, nonabrasive cloth (such as a microfiber). Clean the print tray, print platform, catch tray and any other components that could have uncured, liquid material or other debris on them. Please see the section Clean Print Platform and Print Tray for more-specific instructions on cleaning those components.

CAUTION: Printer components may have uncured clear material or bits of partially cured print material stuck to them that might not be visible to the naked eye. It is best to clean printer parts on a periodic basis to be sure there is no buildup.

CAUTION: For any parts that can come out of the printer, you must remove them before cleaning. Cleaning any components while still inside the printer risks contaminating the printer with solvents and/or uncured material.

CAUTION: When cleaning components that can't come out of the printer, such as the elevator assembly, be sure to pour the cleaning solvent onto the cloth and then wipe the part. Pouring solvent directly onto a part inside the printer, such as the elevator, will result in spilling the solvent in unwanted areas and contaminating the machine. Likewise, do not oversaturate the cloth with cleaning solvent, so as to avoid solvent dripping from the cloth.