Clean Glass Print Base

always wear nitrile gloves when handling anything that could have uncured material on it.


The glass print base at the bottom of the build chamber could get material on it from spills or accidental contact with contaminated gloves. If this material is not cleaned off before building again, not only can it interfere with your build, but it can also cause the glass to break due to the heat generated by the printing process. If the glass print base breaks, you will need to replace it before performing any future builds. To prevent such events:

  1. Take the glass print base out of the printer and clean it with recommended solvent and a nonabrasive cloth periodically, even if it seems that no material is on it. Clear materials or tiny drops might not be noticed unless the glass is taken out and cleaned.
  1. After cleaning, be sure that the base is completely dry before inserting it back into the machine, so as not to contaminate the printer with cleaning solvent. Dry it with shop air or microfiber cloth.
  1. When reinstalling the plate in the machine, be sure that the base is secure and inline with the flat guides on all four corners.
Glass lines up with flat guides on all four corners