Part Drying

After cleaning the part(s), it necessary to dry them of any solvent used in the cleaning step. This may be done in several ways, but a few recommended methods follow:

For all parts, be sure there is an absorbent cloth/paper towels or container underneath the part to catch the solvent being dried off.

  1. Shop air - if you have shop air in your facility, this would be the most-ideal way to air-dry the parts.
  1. Air Compressor - If you do not have shop air, an air compressor would be the next-best solution. However, be aware that air compressors are fairly loud.
Air Compressor. This is for sample purposes only, and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any brand of air compressor.
  1. Air Drying - Simply leave the part sitting on a paper towel for 60 minutes.