Build Chamber


A Elevator Arm - Moves the print platform up and down the elevator during printing
B Print Platform - The platform on which the printed part attaches during printing
C Elevator Lead Screw - Moves the elevator arm up and down when it turns
D Elevator Rails - Guide the elevator arm on a straight path
E Print Tray - Holds the material during the print process
F Tilt Tray - After a layer has printed, this tilts the print tray down to peel the bottom layer of the printed part off the print-tray film.
G Catch Tray - Protects the bottom of the print engine from material spills
H Chassis - Platform on which the build chamber sits
I QR-Code Scanner - Scans QR codes on print-material bottles
J Magnetic Door Catch - Spring-loaded magnet that keeps the printer door closed during printing.